East Coast Ferries Ltd.
Invite you to sail beautiful
Passamaquoddy Bay,
a unique corner of the Bay of Fundy.
Visitors to Campobello area who wish to continue on to the New Brunswick mainland can save nearly 100 driving miles by hopping on the M.V. ''Island Hopper.'' Save nearly 50 driving miles from the Easport area aboard the M.V.''Fundy Trail.''  Travellers to the U.S. can enjoy the free ride on the government ferries to Deer Island from L'etete ( near St. George), then on over to Campobello or Eastport with us.
Or while staying in our area, join us for a day trip around the Quoddy Loop; our service is the link that makes the loop complete.
Whether you're looking for a pleasant interlude from the routine of travel, or for a day's activity be prepared to savour the tranquility you'll experience on the "Road of the Isles."
General Information
We operate on a first come, first served basis, so it's a good idea to arrive 15-20 miniutes prior to departure time. Method of payment: CASH or CHEQUE. Fare is collected by our deckhands during your crossing!
Security Information
Deer Island - Eastport, Maine, Route.
We operate under the Transport Canada Marine Transportation Security Act.  As part of this act, passengers may be asked for ID and vehicles may be screened prior to boarding.  Thank you for your understanding as we comply with these necessary measures.
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